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Which NFL players could be resting in Week 17?

Week 17 of the NFL season can be a strange one for fantasy football leagues, with teams potentially resting players. Let’s take a look at who we know will be resting in Week 17, who we suspect could miss their games, and who could be in for finishing the regular season in the middle of Week 17.

Which NFL players do we know are resting in Week 17?

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuesday saw our first confirmation that an NFL team would be resting a player in Week 17. Mike Tomlin announced that Roethlisberger would not start, with Mason Rudolph taking his place. If you have been relying on Ben Roethlisberger in fantasy leagues, you will need a replacement in Week 17.

Roethlisberger’s absence also affects the other members of the Steelers’ offense. Pittsburgh’s offense struggled with Rudolph as QB in 2019. If you have been relying on the Steelers pass catchers, you may also want to consider other options in Week 17.

Which NFL teams could also rest players in Week 17?

As the week progresses, we may hear of more NFL teams resting players in Week 17 of the 2020 season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Tomlin also made reference to other Steelers players who could be absent in Week 17. He did not elaborate, but be sure to check out the latest news on the Steelers players heading into Week 17. For those of you in IDP (individual defensive player) leagues, players such as Minkah Fitzpatrick and T.J. Watt are particular names of interest to watch.

Kansas City Chiefs

The only playoff team with nothing to play for in the playoff race in Week 17 is the Kansas City Chiefs. They will be cautious of resting too many players after watching the Ravens struggle last season following resting players in Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

However, it would not be a surprise if we see any of the Chiefs players with minor injuries rested. This includes Tyreek Hill, who was questionable with a hamstring injury heading into Week 16.

Any eliminated teams

Teams with nothing to play for could change things up in Week 17. While it is unlikely they will phrase it as “resting players,” they may use Week 17 of the NFL season to have a closer look at some of their backups with an uncertain offseason ahead.

Could some teams remove players during the game?

There are a few situations where NFL teams may consider pulling starters during the game in Week 17.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs may decide they only want their starters to see out a few drives before sitting them. A few drives would allow their starters to get some more game reps ahead of a week off. It will be tough to trust any Chiefs players in your Week 17 fantasy lineup.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills

The second seed does not mean as much in 2020. Therefore, you are unlikely to see the Steelers slugging it out until the end of the game. If the Steelers are trailing in the early slate, they may decide to pull more starters in the second half.

Equally, the Buffalo Bills could be scoreboard watching in NFL’s Week 17 of the regular season and be resting their players. If the Steelers are losing in the second half, the Bills could also decide to rest some of their players late in the game. Starting players from either of these teams is a dangerous option.

The Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints

Three teams have their fates intertwined when it comes to clinching scenarios in Week 17. The Saints and Seahawks need the Green Bay Packers to lose to have a shot at clinching home-field advantage. If the Packers get a big lead against the Bears, look for the Saints and Seahawks to potentially consider reducing hits on some of their key players.

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