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5 NFL stars who could be on the Madden 21 cover

Madden 21 cover

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans, #22 (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)

From Patrick Mahomes to Lamar Jackson to Tua Tagovailoa to Joe Burrow, there are plenty of worthy candidates to be on the Madden 21 cover.

We may be a ways away from actual NFL football, but the annual release of Madden in late summer is very exciting. Fans of the gaming franchise are waiting with eager anticipation to get their hands on Madden NFL 21, which has yet to name its cover athlete.

Appearing on the cover of Madden may be cursed, but the curse didn’t impact Patrick Mahomes, who graced the cover last year as the Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in 50 years and he won the Super Bowl MVP.

Let’s take a look at five NFL stars who could be on the Madden 21 cover this year, beginning with a running back who almost led his team to a surprise run to the Super Bowl last year.

5. Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee Titans

Of all the names on this list, no one had a bigger coming out party in the 2019 NFL playoffs than Derrick Henry. A fine running back during the regular season, Henry took a star turn in January as he battered the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens over the first two rounds.

Tennessee’s run came to an end in Kansas City, but this could be a big opportunity for Henry to continue boosting his profile nationally. Considering the emphasis teams like the Titans, 49ers and Ravens put on the running game in the postseason, Henry could be a model cover athlete if Madden chooses to revamp their rushing mechanics for this year’s game.

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