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Coronavirus: TFF should cancel league if situation fails to improve – Namungo FC’s Kabanda

The defender says the best decision will be to void the campaign in order to protect players from the Covid-19 outbreak

Namungo FC defender Jukumu Kabanda has explained the need to cancel the Mainland Premier League if the coronavirus pandemic cannot be contained in good time.

The league remains suspended for almost a month now and the left-back feels there will be no need for resumption at all if the situation is not going to improve.

“Many authorities in a lot of countries are scratching their heads on how to end their leagues and Tanzania is also in the same position just because of the coronavirus,” Kabanda told Mwanaspoti.

“I am hoping the situation will not continue as it is so that we go back to the pitches, play and let anyone harvest what he sowed.

“But if the situation will not be unmanageable, we should forget the current season by cancelling it and wait to start the next season afresh.”

In case the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) cancels the league, Kabanda proposes Simba SC, the leaders, and Azam FC to be allowed to take part in the continental assignments for the 2020/21 season.

“Good health is perhaps the priority for everyone and if we are going to end our league then the first and the second team can be given green light to go on and represent the country in the Caf events,” the defender, whose Namungo side are fourth, explained.

He also proposed how promotion/relegation can be settled in order to avoid complaints and confusion from the stakeholders.

“Teams that were supposed to be relegated can be spared so that we can start the new season together,” Kabanda concluded.

“Those who were in the second division and were standing in good positions to earn promotions can be patient and stay there in order to search for promotion places afresh.

“If they have good teams at their disposal, they have no reason to fear for their chances of promotion even if they start again.

“The move might hurt them but, in the end, none had prayed that we find ourselves in the kind of situation we are in now.”

It is a matter of wait and see whether the TFF will follow the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and cancel the entire league system and declaring respective champions.

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