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MLBTR Chat Transcript: Tigers, Cora, Blue Jays, Springer, Schedule

I’m starting to realize that the lack of a baseball season has erased a pressure on my interest. It’s like a salesperson comes to your front door and throws you a pitch, pun unintended, 162 plus times a year that keeps you interested and invested in the product their selling. Then one year, they stop coming to your house and the 162 pitches are not put your way. Sure, the salesperson wants you to stay invested, but any attempts short of those constant pitches they throw are underwhelming, if not uninteresting in comparison.

It was weird to think at first, but thinking about it now, It’s not unsurprising that a diseases is ending my interest in baseball rather then the Astros cheating scandal.
I know I blew hot air on an comment thread about how I’m done with baseball because of the Astros and Manfred (former Astros fan and all), but this might actually be it for at least most of my interest.

Regardless what the end result might be, Ill wrap this up by wishing everyone on MLBTR, staff-viewers-and-all, good health and tidings. I’ll likely be gone tomorrow night and back for the 2021 season even if we get one this year, but I hope to see everyone then.

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