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PFN launches Mock Draft Simulator ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft

Welcome to Pro Football Network’s Mock Draft Simulator! In creating this, we envisioned a process that allows users to have a nuanced draft experience on both your desktop and mobile device — 100% free of charge.

Want to do a series of quick drafts for comparing cohorts? You can do that. Want to have a two-hour long, methodical draft and recreate the realism of the NFL Draft? Done. With user-to-sim and sim-to-sim trades, no two drafts are the same!

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Once you begin the simulation, you’ll see four icons in the middle section to help you navigate your experience:

1) Team Needs — Click on this to activate a cheat sheet for each team’s current needs.
2) Propose Trade — Click on this to trade up or down.
3) Pause/Resume Draft — Click this to stop or begin the simulator, allowing you to think of new trade possibilities and customize the experience as much as you see fit.
4) Restart Draft — Don’t like how things have gone? Restart immediately and change draft parameters.

300+ scouting reports, shaped by the rankings of Tony Pauline and our PFN Draft Analysts

PFN’s Mock Draft Simulator needed beauty and brains, and who better to cite than PFN’s Draft Team, spearheaded by Chief Draft Analyst Tony Pauline? You get one of the most respected draft insiders and analysts in the business to give you a malarkey-free glimpse at a prospect’s strengths and weaknesses. Get to know the 2020 NFL Draft prospects like none other, from Joe Burrow to Mr. Irrelevant. To find scouting reports, simply click on the clipboard icon next to the prospect’s name.

Enhanced trade coding and trading future picks

Users can trade with the sim-controlled teams, and sims have the ability to trade with one another, all operating under a sophisticated trade algorithm that is shaped by real-life trade agreements.

Not to mention, having the ability to trade this year’s picks AND next year’s picks add new dimensions to the trading process that maximize authenticity.

Adjust the simulator’s speed

Slow, normal, or fast? It’s really up to you and what type of experience you want. No matter the speed you choose, you can pause the draft at any time.

What you can expect

PFN will continue to update code and add complexities over time to our mock draft simulator. Our goal is to give you the best mock draft simulator experience in cyberspace. This isn’t the finish line for us, but the beginning of the race.

You can expect to have optimized mobile displays, and a commitment to a streamlined process of feedback and implementation.

You can expect a dedicated team that combines football education with savvy programming to give you an unrivaled way of engaging with the NFL Draft — to be a step ahead of the pack.

You can expect a premium product, and any developments to achieve a better product, at no cost. EVER.

Click here to start drafting now!

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