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‘Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions’ puzzle featured on Wheel of Fortune

The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs were one of the puzzles on Friday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, which must have been awkward for the San Francisco 49ers fans who were watching.

Wheel of Fortune watchers who also happen to be Kansas City Chiefs fans will have a new favorite episode.

A few minutes into Friday’s episode, the category for the puzzle was “headline” with the answer being: “Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions”

You love to see it, Chiefs fans. San Francisco 49ers fans who were watching must have flipped the channel immediately after Vanna White revealed the letters.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February, snapping a 50-year drought for the franchise that won Super Bowl 3 but gone without until Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Tyrann Mathieu and head coach Andy Reid led them to glory.

The contestant who solved the puzzle won $8,650 and it was a prize puzzle (!!!) and she won a trip to Panama worth $7,066, which is nice. She was also the big winner on the night with a massive $44,706 in cash and prizes. Mahomes only got to go to Disneyworld after he was named the Super Bowl MVP.

It’s a great time to be a Chiefs fan. They have the best quarterback in the NFL who has already won an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and had a 50-touchdown season despite just now learning how to read defenses. The Chiefs are the toast of the NFL and breaking into Wheel of Fortune now.

Just wait until they’re featured on Jeopardy.

I can hear Alex Trebek now, “This NFL team plays its home games in Missouri, not Kansas.”

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