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Bears at Rams was biggest Hollywood flop since Gemini Man

Nobody watched Will Smith’s Gemini Man and we as America were better off not watching the Los Angeles Bears play the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football.

People usually like Will Smith movies, but not Gemini Man. People usually like Sunday Night Football, but not when the Los Angeles Rams play the Chicago Bears in Week 11. We got a game that was about as forgettable as two sub-.500 teams duking out for sixth place in the ACC Coastal.

In a huge primetime spot, this game bombed, just like Gemini Man.

This game featured two NFC division winners from a season ago. It had two Pro Bowl quarterbacks from 2018 and two of the brightest, young head coaches the NFL could offer. Instead, we got some of the worst quarterback play you’d see this side of the Mississippi from Jared Goff and Mitchell Trubisky.

Goff looked like he was quarterbacking a 1-11 Cal team and Trubisky looked good enough to run the scout team behind Marquise Williams back at Chapel Hill. Keep in mind that these two quarterbacks went No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the 2016 and ’17 NFL Drafts. Talk about horrendous return on your investment … much like Smith’s Gemini Man.

Their play was so bad, we all would have rather seen Blake Bortles face Chase Daniel in this epic primetime clash from the start. Daniel came in for Trubisky late in the fourth quarter. We might have managed more than 24 combined points in this unspectacular supposed marquee game of the week if that duo had been given the chance. Sadly, we’ll never know.

Rams head coach Sean McVay denied us from Bortles throwing pick-sixes, while Bears head coach Matt Nagy opting to stick with Midwest Bortles for as long as he did prevented us from seeing the best Bears quarterback since Jay Cutler try his luck against this Wade Phillips defense. If you wagered on either of teams making the playoffs this year, that money is as good as gone.

Unfortunately, one of these bad teams had to win this game. They both deserved the embarrassment of a tie that would have been about as awkward Jalen Ramsey’s exit from Jacksonville, bad back and all. The only people who won on Sunday Night Football were those who went to bed and didn’t watch.

Ultimately, Goff and Trubisky have regressed to wondering if they are franchise quarterbacks at all? Trubisky isn’t, but Goff is paid like one, so good luck with that, Rams. As for Nagy and McVay, neither are changing the game offensively anymore. They’re just average coaches in a league where average means you’re sunk.

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